The Garden of Weapons by John Gardner

The Garden of Weapons by John Gardner

In a desperate bid to save his top spy network, Herbie Kruger goes back over the Berlin Wall…

When a high-ranking KGB officer commits suicide, Big Herbie Kruger – first introduced in The Nostradamus Traitor – mounts a perilous operation to uncover the double agent before he or she destroys Kruger’s ‘Telegraph Boys’ in East Berlin. Against orders, Britain’s German-born spymaster offers himself to the Soviets.

But while Kruger hunts his quarry – and the KGB close in – he also makes a shattering journey into his own past…

John Gardner was educated in Berkshire and at St. John’s College, Cambridge. He has had many fascinating occupations and was at one time a Royal Marine officer, a stage magician, theatre critic, reviewer and journalist. The author now lives in the peaceful seclusion of the Wicklow mountains in Ireland, where he is at work on a new novel.

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