The Great Galah by Lance Prettiman

The Great Galah by Lance Prettiman

Stefan is the world’s greatest atheist – on a blockbuster crusade to convert the world to his gentle brand of humanism.

He sings of the miracle of life, of the astonishing fact of Us. In all that he says lies a seam of hope. Stefan has no truck with claims of ultimate ‘truth’, the ‘one true God’. He does not believe in saints and miracles. He scorns literal interpretations of the Bible and the Koran, as recipes for Armageddon. Yet Stefan has his own myths, too, like the Great Galah, the splendid pink and grey bird who created Heaven and Earth.

But Stefan’s life is in constant danger, and his only protection is his bodyguard Lance Prettiman, a former Foreign Legionnaire and brutal mercenary…

Can Stefan’s credibility survive after Lance witnesses his boss entering a confessional in a Parisian church, and the media have a field day mocking The Great Atheist?

Lance Prettiman’s iconoclastic The Great Galah is crammed with Pythonesque wit and mamba-like venom, a tale of how the lives of two intimate friends go hurtling off the rails.

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