The Gulf by Noel Scanlon

The Gulf by Noel Scanlon

An Irish couple, David and Deborah, working in the Gulf state of Khor Fahal, are caught up in the chaos of a revolution. When David is kidnapped, Deborah, isolated on the wrong side of the creek, has to fend for herself in a situation where it is dangerous for a European woman to venture out alone. But she must attempt to locate where David is held.

In The Gulf Scanlon tells a gripping tale of plotting, intrigue and revolution with all the heat, intensity and inflamed passions of the Middle East.

Noel Scanlon is an Irish writer. He worked in international banking for 20 years, living in India and the Middle East, where he became acquainted with a number of the Gulf Sheikhs, in particular Sultan Qaboos of Muscat and Oman. He had always wanted to write, so he gave up banking and went to live in a cottage in Achill, in the west of Ireland.

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