The Iron Shadow by Stefano Siggia

The Iron Shadow by Stefano Siggia

Melbourne Summers is a successful pilot for the Royal Flying Corps, despite his reputation for returning without his plane. Upon his most recent return he is given the devastating news that his spy brother has been assassinated on a top secret mission.

Soon after his death, Melbourne receives a letter from a mysterious and unidentified person relating to his brother. In it is information critical to identifying a top secret German mission – vital for ensuring that the Allied forces triumph.

So Melbourne picks up where his brother left off, following the trail of the Iron Shadow. With just a coded poem and a cryptic letter, the mission seems impossible. When he decides to breach the one rule he was given – trust no one – he finds himself running for his life. If he fails to discover the truth about the Iron Shadow, the future of Europe is at risk…

The Iron Shadow is a wartime novel with a twist. Espionage meets a healthy dose of action, guaranteed to keep you gripped until the final clue has been exposed. Perfect for fans of Robert Harris.

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