The Last Victory by Tim Murari

The Last Victory by Tim Murari

Kim and his beloved Parvati are in flight: she from her brutal husband and his evil mother, Kim from the Colonel, his mentor, the man who had been a father to him.

But now his trust in the Colonel and the British Raj has been destroyed. The tides of Indian nationalism are surging all around him – and within him. A new India and the old, unchanging, mystic India are coming together: a modern world of politics and resistance merging with the world of spirits and demons. And Kim knows that he is a part of this great change.

Ahead lie betrayal, prison and the horrors of the Flanders trenches – stages along a half-seen path of destiny that stretches towards a frightful climax.

Timeri N. Murari has written novels, as well as screenplays and stage plays. His film, The Square Circle, made Time magazine’s top ten best films. He adapted it for the stage and directed it at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre.

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