The Loved and the Cherished by Audrie Manley-Tucker

The Loved and the Cherished by Audrie Manley-Tucker

Can she prove her innocence?

Rowena’s cousin Caroline had always loved and championed her, throughout her unhappy and bitter childhood—so when, years later, Caroline accuses her of breaking up her marriage, Rowena is heartbroken.

If Caroline thought that of her, then no one else was likely to believe her innocent. But Rowena is about to find an ally where she least expects it…

The Loved and the Cherished is a tense yet touching tale of friendship and desire. Perfect for fans of Alyssa Cole and Sophie Kinsella.

Audrie Manley-Tucker is a prolific author of romance novels. Her other titles for Endeavour Media include Champagne Girl and Julie Barden, District Nurse.

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