The Mighty Endeavor by Charles B MacDonald

The Mighty Endeavor by Charles B MacDonald

Covering such famous and dramatic episodes as the landing in North Africa, D-Day, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of the Bulge, The Mighty Endeavor tells the gripping story of American participation in World War II. Exploring the friction between American and European leaders, this riveting book also delves into the aerial war over Germany, the bombing of Dresden, and the final surrender of the Nazis.

His sources include U.S. Army records and interviews with non-commissioned officers, privates and other participants, such as General Eisenhower and General Bradley. He also has worked with extensive original documents and new sources, as well as relating his own experiences in the war as commander of an infantry rifle company.

Charles B. MacDonald (1922-1990) rose to the rank of Captain of the 23rd Infantry of the 2nd Division. After the war, in which he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star, he became an official Army Historian, retiring as Deputy Chief Historian in 1979.

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