The Piper in the Hills by Audrie Manley-Tucker

The Piper in the Hills by Audrie Manley-Tucker

Sara’s boyfriend Ian has let her down. She has to get away…

The village of Carisaig on the West Coast of Scotland may seem like an odd choice of holiday location to some, but for Sara it was perfect. She decided to take a long break there, and in no time she found herself mixed up with the drama of the locals.

But solving other people’s problems does not help her deal with her own heartbreak, until she meets a certain someone… Can Sara trust in love again?

The Piper in the Hills is a charming and touching romance for fans of Sophie Kinsella.

Audrie Manley-Tucker is a prolific author of romance novels. Her other titles for Endeavour Media include Champagne Girl and Julie Barden, District Nurse.

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