The Price to Pay by Euan B Pollock

The Price to Pay by Euan B Pollock

Another person should not pay the price for your actions … especially murder.

Stewart Scott is a trainee in one of Edinburgh’s oldest law firms, competing to stand out and land a permanent position. He gets a crucial make-or-break chance to impress when his boss seconds him to a private investigation into the murder of the son of one of the firm’s partners.

Leading the probe is ex-copper Sebastian Dakar, now a practising Zen master. The pair have just three days. The police are about to announce an arrest.

Can they crack the case and prevent an innocent man from standing trial for a crime he did not commit? What can a vengeful jounalist dredge up from Dakar’s past that threatens justice being done? What exactly is justice and at what price does it come?

Euan B. Pollock’s new novel The Price to Pay is a tight, intelligent and witty crime mystery with a classic feel but with a rasping Glaswegian edge.

A former criminal prosecutor both in Scotland and at the international level for several years, Euan B. Pollock (a pseudonym) is a new author now living abroad writing murder-mysteries in the classic style. To find out more, visit his website or follow him on twitter and facebook. His debut novel Tricks of the Trade, the first in the Scott and Dakar series, was published in January 2018.

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