The Quest by Christopher Nicole

The Quest by Christopher Nicole

The second in Christopher Nicole’s explosive saga, following To All Eternity…

Even more than a year after the guns have ceased firing, Belgrade remains a wrecked city – four years of occupation by the Austrian army have seen to that.

Yet, against all sound advice, Harry Townsend is on his way back to Sabac for the first time in six years, and to what is left of the home owned by his dead wife. The Black Hand Gang is supposedly disbanded, but a new seditious group, the IMRO, has sprung up and is no less deadly, and when Harry and Lockwood leave Sabac, both are aware of unfinished business.

Sent undercover to Germany on a mission to investigate rumours of a new Reich rising from the ashes of the old, Berkeley encounters the intriguing and fiercely nationalistic Frederika Lipschuetz, who isn’t fooled by his journalist cover story. Can he trust her? Or does she have a hidden agenda? And when Berkeley’s daughter, Anna, goes missing from her exclusive girls’ school, it is clear that he is being very cleverly manipulated – yet by whom and to what end?

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