The Quiet Dogs by John Gardner

The Quiet Dogs by John Gardner

It’s time to bring their man home.

Just as the Soviets recruited Philby in the 1930s, so British Intelligence suborned a young Russian boy during the days of the British Mission to Russia at the end of World War One.

Over the decades that boy has grown to be the main British asset within the clandestine world. The secret of his identity has been handed down from one Director General of British Intelligence to the next. ‘Stentor’, as he is coded, now occupies a place of prime importance within the First Chief Directorate of the KGB.

But he is an old man, ready for retirement. It is time for the Herbie Kruger to fulfil an old promise and bring the Russian to England and a home he has never seen…

In The Quiet Dogs John Gardner again provides a skilfully constructed thriller, as intriguing, exciting and detailed in character as its widely acclaimed predecessors.

John Gardner was educated in Berkshire and at St. John’s College, Cambridge. He has had many fascinating occupations and was at one time a Royal Marine officer, a stage magician, theatre critic, reviewer and journalist.

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