The Raptor Zone by Gwen Moffat

The Raptor Zone by Gwen Moffat

On the foggy coast of Oregon, where the precipitous mountains drop into the Pacific, the tiny community of Sundown perches between a wild ocean and a wilder hinterland.

When Miss Pink arrives in Sundown, she finds a volatile situation, barely contained by good manners. And some people have decided to take matters into their own hands. Raptors have begun to operate in the canyons between Cape Deception and Fin Whale Head, and not all of them are feathered.

Gwen Moffat served in the WRAC during World War II. Afterwards she took up climbing and became the first woman guide to be appointed by the British Mountaineering Council. The first Miss Pink mystery appeared in 1973 and others have followed almost annually.

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