The Secret Diary of Dr Watson by Anita Janda

The Secret Diary of Dr Watson by Anita Janda

A never-before-seen insight into the lives of England’s famous crime fighting duo.

“The path of the biographer is fraught with peril” were the despairing words of Dr John Watson as he set down the adventures of master detective Sherlock Holmes. Holmes then complicates matters by exercising his right to censorship, and Watson’s wife Mary has her own opinions on the project. At her suggestion, Watson begins this secret journal.

What were the real circumstances behind the mystery of ‘The Blue Carbuncle’? What actually happened on Dartmoor as they tracked ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’? How many adventures never made it into print? But most intriguing of all, how did Holmes die in his final duel with Moriarty – and then come back to life?

The Secret Diary of Doctor Watson is an ingenious pastiche drawing on the entire canon – a delight from beginning to end. Rich in scholarship, wit and period detail, this remarkable novel will delight fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Anita Janda lived and worked in New York City. She earned her PhD in linguistics with a grammatical analysis of the dance of the honey bee.

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