The Smuggler’s Bride by Rosalind Laker

The Smuggler’s Bride by Rosalind Laker

Bride to one man – bewitched by another…

From the moment young Harriette Mead first laid eyes on Benedict Sutcliffe on the streets of Regency London, she felt the spell of this powerfully built, darkly handsome man. But only many months later — deep in the lonely quiet of the English countryside — did she learn the true depth of his hold on her.

Harriette was a widow now — after a strange, brief marriage to a dying old man. She had come to the crumbling old manor of Bryony Lodge to take possession of her mysterious legacy. There, Benedict Sutcliffe was waiting… to warn her of the cruel curse of the past… to be her guide in a world of primal terror so far from the aristocratic elegance of London.

But could he also become her loving protector against the nightmare about to ensue?

Rosalind Laker is a best-selling novelist that has been published all over the world, with her works translated into twenty languages. The author of over forty historical novels, her first work was published in 1970; Warwyck’s Wife is the first of her acclaimed Easthampton trilogy and is followed by Claudine’s Daughter and The Warwycks of Easthampton.

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