The Student Body by Valerie Wolzien

The Student Body by Valerie Wolzien

This is definitely bad chemistry.

Like many fifty-something housewives facing empty nests, Susan Henshaw decides that returning to college will give her life new meaning. But a murdered lab partner isn’t what she had in mind—especially since the victim was strangled with the straps of Susan’s own backpack.

So when Susan is named the prime suspect, she fits an investigation into her extracurricular activities. But after a strange student ominously named “Jinx” becomes her informant, Susan begins to wonder: What does she really know about the victim, academic politics, or even her newfound friends? One thing is certain—finding answers to this test could cost Susan her life.…

Valerie Wolzien is the author of the Susan Henshaw suburban mysteries and the Josie Pigeon seashore mysteries. Valerie lives in an old house overlooking the Hudson River.

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