The Tall Stranger by D. E. Stevenson

The Tall Stranger by D. E. Stevenson

Is her childhood sweetheart who he seems?

Barbie France has known Edward Steyne all her life – indeed they were childhood sweethearts. Charming, spirited, debonair, he is the ideal companion. Everyone, especially Edward, assumes they will marry one day.

But Barbie is uneasy. Edward sometimes behaves very oddly. There are his sudden, huge winnings on the race course and the strange affair of Aunt Amalie’s emerald ring. And last, but not least, Barbie is puzzled by his reaction to the handsome stranger she meets at a wedding; for suddenly easy-going Edward becomes hostile and unfriendly…

In The Tall Stranger, can Barbie discover the truth, and marry the man she loves?

D. E. Stevenson was born in Edinburgh. Her father was a first cousin of Robert Louis Stevenson. She was educated privately and travelled widely in France and Italy with her parents. She married a major in the Highland Light Infantry and moved with the regiment from place to place gaining valuable experience of life and people.

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