The Underground Detective by Thomas Laird

The Underground Detective by Thomas Laird

How would you catch a serial killer with only your badge, your wits, and a shaky sense of right and wrong? 

It’s 1987, and a world before cell phones and DNA. Former Army Ranger and Vietnam vet, divorced Danny Mangan is a Chicago cop weary from fifteen years on the force. But he can’t rest now he’s trailing a serial killer with a penchant for attacking African-American prostitutes — a grim world of deception where everyone has a public price and a private fix.

What follows when a member of Danny’s own family is hunted by the killer is excruciating. So will Danny’s drug-loving daughter Kelly and bisexual partner Lila help or complicate his work?

The Underground Detective is a treat of human foibles, weaknesses, attractions and heartbreak, where only love and family are the saving grace.

Thomas Laird has published four novels: Cutter (2001), Season of the Assassin (2003), Black Dog (2004) and Voices of the Dead (2006). His fiction has received favorable reviews from the Washington Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, The Independent on Sunday (UK)and Crime Time (UK). Thomas Laird lives in Peoria, Illinois.

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