The Vaaldorp Diamond by Edna Dawes

The Vaaldorp Diamond by Edna Dawes

Why should such beauty arouse evil intent?

Anna Stahl and Rudi Bleckmann, partners in a famous jewellery firm, are in Johannesburg to bid for the Vaaldorp diamond, whose discovery has brought wealth to the owner of a small mine. Rudi’s reasons for wanting the stone are two-fold: revenge on a rival who topped his bids on two earlier stones, and publicity for the forthcoming marriage and business merger between himself and Anna.

At a press reception Anna meets Kip Schroeder, a man with a tragic past, whose farm runs beside the diamond mine. She is immediately drawn to him, but soon discovers Rudi has a cruel way of taking revenge on her for showing interest in another man – a man who has lost the will to fight back . . .

The Vaaldorp Diamond masterfully combines suspense and romance; another exhilarating novel from Edna Dawes.

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