The Wheel Spins Thirteen by John Glasby

The Wheel Spins Thirteen by John Glasby

In Sharky Dexter’s casino in Los Angeles, a man beats the crooked roulette wheel.

He places a large bet on number thirteen, which comes up. He lets it ride for a second time and wins again, then stakes the lot on thirteen again — and calmly walks out with a million dollars of winnings!

When Sharky hires Johnny Merak to find the man who’s taken his money, there’s a spate of murders — with Johnny himself a candidate for death…

The Wheel Spins Thirteen is the fourth book in the Johnny Merak mystery series.

John Glasby was born in 1928, and graduated from University with an honours degree in Chemistry. He started his career as a research chemist for I.C.I, in 1952, and worked for them until his retirement. During the early 1960s, Glasby wrote dozens of paperback westerns, all of which were reprinted in hardcover and paperback four decades later. Following his retirement from I.C.I., Glasby produced a steady stream of new westerns, science fiction and crime novels, right up to his death in 2011.

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