The White Corridors by Mel Stein

The White Corridors by Mel Stein

A powerful story of raw conflicting human emotions, set against the background of a major London hospital.

Emma Galvin, fifteen years old, is admitted to hospital with suspected food poisoning. Three days later she dies.

Her father, crazed with grief, is convinced the hospital is guilty. But consultant Edward Langley, in charge of the case, knows the truth. And he will stop at nothing to protect his reputation, both at work and at home…

The White Corridors is a taut, tense and touching legal thriller that establishes Mel Stein as a writer of action-packed, dramatic stories.

Mel Stein was born in London and has two children, boys aged five and three, both of whom are fully paid-up members of the Newcastle United Supporters Club. His main interest is Newcastle United but in his spare time, he is a partner in a firm of Westminster solicitors. His other novels include Rags to Riches

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