To All Eternity by Christopher Nicole

To All Eternity by Christopher Nicole

A dangerous mission awaits…

Berkeley Townsend knows that his journey to the Carpathian mountains, to carry out undercover research into Austro-Hungarian fortification against Russia, will have some danger and intrigue involved. But little does he know what repercussions a chance encounter with the beguiling Anna Slovitza will have.

Whilst trying to help Anna escape from the Austrian authorities, Berkeley kills several Austrian soldiers, and becomes a wanted man himself. Only when he returns to England does Berkeley discover that Anna is a member of the notorious Black Hand society – and that the Austrian authorities will only drop the murder charges against him if he goes to Serbia, captures Anna, and delivers her to the Austrians.

The War Office has jumped at the chance to send Berkeley back to Eastern Europe – as there is more than one mission in mind for him . . .

A mesmerising action thriller, To All Eternity will be a favourite with fans of Raymond Benson and John Gardner.

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. Born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, he later attended colleges in Guyana and in Barbados. In his long prolific career, Nicole has published over 200 novels and non-fiction works.

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