To Borrow Trouble by Miriam Borgenicht

To Borrow Trouble by Miriam Borgenicht

The frantic turnings in the mind of a violence-haunted young girl.

Marcy Madden had always wanted to be the center of attention. In her fantasies, she was the heroine—rescuing children from mad dogs or from drowning, devoting herself to a sick mother dying of a “rare, tropical disease.” Then one day she discovered a plot to kidnap young Bonnie of the wealthy Lenning family.

In an attempt to save the child, Marcy herself came face-to-face with stark terror…

Miriam Borgenicht (1915-1992) was an American writer. She graduated from Barnard College in 1936 and worked for the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. She became the author of 17 suspense novels known for their inventiveness and wit. Her first mystery, A Corpse in Diplomacy, was published in 1949. Her last book, No Duress, appeared in 1991.

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