Twice Bitten by Gerald Hammond

Twice Bitten by Gerald Hammond

John Cunningham, veteran gun-dog trainer, stumbles into a dog-switching scheme that ends up in blackmail and, eventually, murder…

Mim, one of the litter of pups born at Three Oaks Kennels, is a throwback to Clunie, a champion with a strong and difficult temperament. John’s kennel-maid, Daffy, tries to train the highly strung pup for gun work, but when the task proves impossible, John agrees to sell Mim to local farmer and businessman Quentin Cove.

So imagine John’s surprise when a year later the supposedly gun-shy Mim begins winning at field trials. Perhaps, as Daffy believes, John wrote Mim off too soon. Or is there a more sinister reason for the bitch’s sudden success? And what is it that Cove’s farm manager, Dougal Webb, has learned about Three Oaks Kennels—information so damning he believes he can try a spot of blackmail? That is, until he suddenly disappears…

Gerald Hammond is the author of over thirty mystery novels. He lives in Scotland with his wife.

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