Twisted Things by Madge Swindells

Twisted Things by Madge Swindells

Clara Conner wakes in Dover Hospital with only hazy memories of the devastating yacht explosion that put her there.

With her husband, Patrick, missing and presumed dead, she is haunted by disturbing nightmares of the accident. But when she discovers her husband had been leading a criminal double life and owed a lot of money, she begins to suspect her sinister dreams may actually be very real flashbacks – and that the explosion may have been no accident after all.

So when a mysterious man appears to be watching the house and following Clara’s every move, her fears for her safety grow- and for that of her twelve-year-old son. Could the killer be back to finish the job? Set amidst Dover’s turbulent underworld, Twisted Things is a taut and emotional thriller from an internationally bestselling author.

Madge Swindells was born and educated in England. The author of numerous novels, her work has been translated into nine languages and has reached bestseller lists across the world. She currently lives in Kent.

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