Veronica’s Sisters by Gwen Moffat

Veronica’s Sisters by Gwen Moffat

Exploring a remote canyon in the wilds of New Mexico, Melinda Pink comes upon a rifle and recent human remains in an old cave dwelling.

She alerts the small community of Regis only to find that no one is missing. There was a recent suicide when the lovely but disturbed Veronica walked into the river – and a Mexican ranch hand made a discreet departure after the autopsy showed she was pregnant, but no locals are unaccounted for.

Intrigued, Miss Pink stays in Regis to uncover a world of dark secrets and darker suspicions: of marijuana gardens and brothels, frightened children, confused adults and others beyond the law.

A violent storm is the setting for a third death and the body is borne away on the flood waters of the Rio Grande. The end is quiet and terrible, and culminates in Miss Pink’s acceptance into the circle of Veronica’s sisters to join them in a conspiracy of silence.

Gwen Moffat served in the Land Army and the A.T.S. during World War 2. Subsequently she took up climbing to become the first woman mountain guide, and climbed professionally for 20 years. She published her story Space Below my Feet in 1961, followed by five more autobiographical books and many crime novels. Miss Pink was introduced in 1973 in Lady with a Cool Eye, followed by 15 in the series, and 13 standalones. She lives in Cumbria with two supportive cats.

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