Vienna Pursuit by Anthea Goddard

Vienna Pursuit by Anthea Goddard

Marta Fredericks has just learned that Tante Gaby, the larger-than-life woman who escaped German-occupied Austria before things got bad, the woman who raised her, isn’t her aunt at all—she’s her mother.

When Gaby tells Marta of her true heritage on her deathbed, Marta decides to find out if her father, Fritz Eisler, is still alive, despite the fact that he was a Nazi officer.

When she travels to Vienna, she hires an unsavoury investigator who tells her that someone else is looking for Eisler as well. Peter Konrad, a singer whose life has been dominated by his crippled brother, has his own plans for the ex-Nazi officer, and no one can stand in his way. Marta, desperate to believe that the man who’s blood runs in her veins isn’t evil, is in a race to find Eisler first and uncover the truth.

The Vienna Pursuit is a post-WWII race against the clock to uncover the mysteries surrounding a Nazi war criminal—and hopefully find justice.

Anthea Goddard is a former journalist whose short stories have been published in England and overseas. As a London-based feature writer for newspapers and magazines in the United States, Australia and South Africa, she travelled widely. Married to novelist Alan Scholefield, she has three daughters. During the past few years they have lived in England, Vienna, Provence and South Africa. A few years ago they moved their home base from London to Hampshire, where they are now settled in an Edwardian flint farmhouse.

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