Weddings Are Murder by Valerie Wolzien

Weddings Are Murder by Valerie Wolzien

A wedding to remember…

Suburban housewife Susan Henshaw dips into the middle-age blues after hearing the news that her little girl, Chrissy, is getting married. To bolster her spirits, Susan plans to produce the wedding to end all weddings.

Chrissy’s college roommate, now a designer in Italy, agrees to create an original wedding dress. Then, on the day before the ceremony, the long-anticipated box arrives. Yet the contents are a bit unexpected. For instead of a delicate confection of lace and tulle, nestled inside is a strangled corpse. Is someone trying to ruin the season’s biggest wedding?

Over Susan’s dead body…

Valerie Wolzien is the author of the Susan Henshaw suburban mysteries and the Josie Pigeon seashore mysteries. Valerie lives in an old house overlooking the Hudson River.

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