White River Massacre

White River Massacre

On September 15, 1879, 140 soldiers under the command of Major T.T. Thornburg left Wyoming Territory for the White River Agency in the heart of the Ute Reservation.

Their mission: to protect a fanatical U.S. Indian Agent determined to “civilize” the Ute tribes.

As Thornburg and his troops passed beneath the shadow of the Shining Mountains—the Ute name for the Rockies—they could not guess that they were riding into a death trap.

For three days, Thornburg’s men were plunged into a horrific battle for survival against 300 Ute warriors, who attacked them with a fierceness borne of fury.

Meanwhile, 65 miles away, at the White River Agency, a massacre had erupted, sweeping soldiers and civilians into a brutal siege.

Now, as the U.S. military scrambles to save its troops, and the divided Ute nation finds itself backed into a corner, fighters and innocents will meet and die—in one last, bloody stand…

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