With This Ring by Emilie Loring

With This Ring by Emilie Loring

The tangled web of deception; the point of no return.

Cynthia Farley, beautiful San Francisco heiress, falls madly in love with a wild young test pilot, Eric Crane. Then she finds out a terrible secret from Crane’s past. Frightened, she flees across the continent.

On the East Coast she gratefully accepts a job as secretary to a famous authoress. Under her protection, and with the friendship of the writer’s nephew to hearten her, Cynthia slowly begins to find peace.

Then Eric Crane finds her. He wants her back. And Cynthia knows she is dealing with a desperate man who has criminal forces at his command.

Eric Crane holds more than her future happiness in his cruel hands … he holds her very life!

Love and suspense collide in Emilie Loring’s vintage romance.

Emilie Loring was an American romance author who started writing in 1914 and continued writing until her death in 1951. Following her death, her sons continued to publish her work found at her estate.

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