Four Days to Trinity by Bill Mesce

Four Days to Trinity by Bill Mesce

This is the second time Endeavour has given me a chance at a “re-do.” A few years ago, when they decided tore-publish my WWII trilogy featuring Army lawyer Harry Voss, they agreed to let me replace the third volume, which I’d always been unhappy with, with a new third book bringing the trilogy, finally, to what I thought was a stronger, more satisfying conclusion.

Four Days to Trinity was a slightly different circumstance.  The original book, published under a different title, wasn’t one that I was unhappy with, but beginning with the presidential campaign of 2016, I could see that some of the elements within its suspense/mystery construct – particularly those dealing with race, religious hypocrisy, and cultural tribalism – were more relevant today than when the book had been first published.  I did a massive rewrite which not only better integrated those elements (I hope), but also made the book a more entertaining,engaging read (an even bigger hope).

Traditional publishers rarely give writers this kind of second chance, and then only the most marketable brand name authors, as was done some years ago for Stephen King with his restored version of The Stand

Endeavour is demonstrating that the digital arena provides that kind of opportunity for we authors who don’t stand atop the commercial peak but (yet another hope) have something interesting and entertaining to offer.

You can get your copy of Four Days to Trinity HERE

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