Joint Endeavours

Endeavour Media’s Joint Endeavours

Having established a platform that works for us as publishers, we’re now offering our partnerships and expertise to any publisher wanting to develop a new, or existing, digital publishing programme, through Joint Endeavours.

Joint Endeavours is an end-to-end digital publishing and ebook distribution service for publishers. Digital publishing is at the core of what we do and our partnerships with ebook retailers and aggregators allow us to reach millions of readers in the digital market. By joining Joint Endeavours, you can do the same. Whether you’re new to the digital world, or just trying to extend your reach, our end-to-end service gives you all the support you need to advance in the digital sphere.

What’s included?


Whether they are new titles that need an extra online boost, or backlist books that deserve to be read by a new generation of readers.

cover design

Ensuring each book stands out while still being commercially suitable to the eBook charts.

digital marketing

Sales-orientated book promotion and marketing that utilizes our strong relationships with Amazon and Bookbub and our years of experience selling eBooks, to get your books in front of more readers, including deals site features, online advertising and social media promotion.

metadata management

Based on the latest trends and research to ensure each title is fine-tuned for reader searches.

Account Management

Making the process as streamlined as possible


So that we can make your book available to your readers across multiple platforms

Our partners

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