Do you have a story in you? We’re here to help.

We are looking for new and unique writing in:

• Crime fiction – if it puts us on the edge of our seat with jaw-dropping, twisty thrilling action, or if it’s a cosy mystery that sends us to the fireside, send it in!
• Historical fiction – from the war-torn battlefields of the medieval world to the lethal lanes of Victorian London, if it’s authentic and transports us to the period, we’d love to read it.
• Nonfiction – histories, true crime, biographies, memoirs. Is there an individual or event that has been ignored by history? Does it have something urgent to say about our times? Or is it just an amazing untold true story? If so, get in touch!
Although these are our main areas of interest, we are open to outstanding writing from a variety of genres. However, we do not currently publish children’s literature, poetry, short stories or erotica.

Along with the first 10,000 words of the manuscript, please include the following with your submission:
• A brief synopsis that tells us what the book is about and why readers will love it.
• A bit about yourself – is this your 100th book or your debut? What inspired you to write it?
• The word count.
• A short list of published comparable titles.

Please send your submission to
We look forward to reading your work.