The Five Horseshoes by David McDine

The Five Horseshoes by David McDine

Sadly, British pubs have been closing at an alarming rate over recent years. A great pity, because for so long they have been hubs of local life, providing sustenance, entertainment and company for their patrons.

In the good old days of my youth the only music was thumped out on a tinny piano, and darts, shove ha’penny, cribbage, draughts, and bar billiards kept the regulars entertained. The beer was warm and the only food on offer was curly sandwiches, suspect pies, pickled eggs, and stale crisps.

Nowadays, many publicans have had to introduce canned music, fruit machines, up-market menus and designer drinks to stay afloat, and customers can be seen huddled over their laptops and mobiles.

Remembering pre-breathaliser days when my parents kept pubs (“they don’t keep you!”), I decided to attempt to recreate the halcyon era when local hostelries played such an important role in the community. Hence The Five Horseshoes, a light-hearted, pub-based novella set in the 1960s, and introducing my Animal Man trilogy. Cheers!

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